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Banks have a history of overtime and wage violations

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | FLSA Misclassification, Overtime And Wage Issues

Bank employees receive settlements for unpaid wages

Over the past several years, bank employees all across the country have filed successful overtime and wage claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) against banks of all sizes including the likes of Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Key Bank and TD Ameritrade. Under the FLSA, non-exempt bank employees must be paid overtime wages at a rate of one-and-one-half times his or her regular rate for all hours worked over 40 hours in a week. Below are lists of both the types of FLSA violations that banks commit as well as the positions of bank employees who have filed FLSA lawsuits:

Types of FLSA violations alleged against banks

  • Job Misclassification
    • FLSA Exempt Employees (Salaried Employees) Performing the Duties of FLSA Non-Exempt Employees (Hourly Employees)
  • Unpaid Off-The-Clock Work
    • Work Before Hours
    • Work After Hours
    • Work From Home
    • Work Through Lunch Breaks
    • Completing Security Procedures Before and/or After Work Shift
  • Unpaid Overtime
    • Working Over 40 Hours Per Week Without Overtime Compensation
    • Failing to Include All Wages in the Regular Rate for Calculating Overtime Rate
      • Bonuses
      • Commissions

Positions of bank employees that have filed FLSA wage complaints

  • Assistant Manager
  • Bank Teller
  • Branch Service Leader
  • Branch Team Lead
  • Call Center Worker
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Financial Relationship Associate
  • Financial Relationship Consultant
  • Financial Relationship Senior Consultant
  • Financial Relationship Senior Consultant – Team Lead
  • Financial Relationship Specialist
  • Financial Service Specialist
  • Loan Officer
  • Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Mortgage Loan Processor
  • Mortgage Origination Employee
  • Residential Appraiser
  • Retail Banker
  • Review Appraiser
  • Teller Services Manager
  • Universal Banker

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