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Maximizing Compensation For People Injured In Trucking Accidents

Truck-car accidents and other crashes involving large commercial vehicles are often devastating to people in smaller vehicles. Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists also suffer severe and catastrophic injuries when they are caught up in accidents that include big rigs and other kinds of trucks. Extensive medical care will almost certainly be necessary.

At Carey & Stewart, we advocate aggressively for our clients who have been injured or lost loved ones in big rig crashes – even truck drivers themselves.

Going The Distance For Our Clients

Despite the great pain and suffering that often accompany truck accidents, many people assume commercial vehicles’ ample insurance will not make it complicated to recover compensation. Expenses quickly grow for the injured as they require:

  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Therapy
  • Disability accommodations

However, people often don’t realize how heavily trucking companies invest in defense work after a truck wreck. Recovering full compensation is not often as straightforward as it should be.

How We Move Cases Forward In Our Clients’ Favor

Our attorneys aim to level the playing field when trucking companies’ insurers play hardball. As they try to sidestep their responsibility for compensating people injured in truck accidents, our investigative team goes into high gear in search of evidence of negligence on the part of:

  • The trucker
  • The trucking dispatching company
  • Inspectors
  • Any person or entity with responsibility for the safe operations of trucks on our streets and highways.

The highways in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania are heavily traveled by commercial vehicles.  Big rigs, water trucks and other vehicles transport goods and industrial equipment within and across our states.  Due to the size and weight of the commercial vehicles and their loads, these truck drivers owe an even higher duty of care to the other drivers on the road.

Factors contributing to crashes with other vehicles include truck driver fatigue, DUI, truck part defects and roadway maintenance issues. Our trial lawyers leave no stone un-turned while searching for the true cause(s) of a truck wreck that has resulted in a client’s injuries or killed a close family member of a client who will file a wrongful death claim.

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