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Do You Have To Travel To Perform The Duties Of Your Job?

Does your job require you to travel from site to site? Are you getting paid for the time you drive? Are you new to a job, but did not get paid for the time you spent training? Were you incorrectly told that your drive time does not count for purposes of overtime? If you are required to report to a specific place to receive instructions or to pick up tools and equipment, the travel from the designated meeting place to the job site is part of your day’s work. Your employer must count these hours as worked and pay you for them.

At Carey & Stewart, PLLC, we understand that employers can be intimidating when it comes to unpaid work time. However, you deserve to be paid for the hours you spend at your job. We can answer your questions about failure to pay overtime. We can help you develop the best method to collect the wages you earned. Call us at 888-710-4496 or tell us briefly about your situation using our online form.

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Our firm has the experience you need on your side. We know that as an employee, you must be compensated for time spent traveling from the place of performance of one principal employment activity to the place of performance of another principal employment activity. For example, a repairman who travels from home to the job site, and then from job site to job site. All travel time logged from when he arrives at the first job site to when he leaves the last job site is compensable.

Time spent for training, cleaning tools, attending safety or planning meetings are part of a worker’s job and should count as hours worked for the purposes of paid overtime. Sometimes, workers are told that these tasks cannot count as hours worked or that they must be done “off the clock.” If this is your experience, you may have a claim for unpaid overtime.

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If you are not being paid for your time traveling from site to site, call us to discuss the facts of your situation. We can help you seek the wages owed to you for unpaid work time. Call Carey & Stewart in Weirton at local at 888-710-4496 or reach out to our office online using our simple intake form. Licensed to practice in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, we also help workers nationwide who are seeking help from a knowledgeable lawyer.