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When Disabilities Keep You From Working

If you have worked enough years and you have disabilities that are serious enough to keep you out of the workforce for at least a year, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Social Security Disability (SSD) is not a government handout. Rather, it is a public benefit that is rightfully yours if you are eligible. In most cases, this means you and/or close family members have paid into the system for years and now your time of need makes you qualify. (An exception is blind people who may qualify without the usual work history or family member’s work history requirement).

You may have numerous questions on your mind if you are unable to work and think you qualify for SSD benefits. Get straight answers suitable to your circumstance by requesting a free consultation with an SSD lawyer. At Carey & Stewart in Weirton, we represent people throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

With An Attorney’s Guidance, Present A Truthful, Persuasive SSD Application

A lawyer can help you understand:

Some people are convinced they do not qualify because they only have a partial disability. However, when someone has multiple partial disabilities, decision-makers at Social Security may consider these together and approve the claim.

An applicant may have a mobility problem, a respiratory ailment and a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder. Each disorder by itself may not keep the person from being able to work full time, but with several disorders taking their toll, the applicant may find it difficult to hold down an eight-to-five job.

Getting help from an experienced SSD lawyer can make a large difference in securing approval to receive disability benefits.

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