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Elevator malfunction leaves man seriously injured

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Firm News

Some people have a paralyzing fear of elevators and prefer to avoid them altogether. However, most people think nothing of using elevators to get where they are going, especially when they have many floors to travel or are carrying heavy items. The doors open, and they simply step into the elevator, perhaps without even thinking about it.

Unfortunately, a mechanical malfunction can turn such basic daily action into tragedy.

Man suffers injuries

A property owner in another state renovated century-old mill buildings that contained elevators into commercial units. According to reports, some new tenants were using the freight elevator to move into one of the units on an upper floor. Unfortunately, the elevator malfunctioned, and one man stepped into the open shaft and fell 15 feet into the basement.

Who is responsible?

Rescue workers were able to reach the man quickly by using a 24-foot ladder. However, paramedics soon realized that the accident victim had suffered serious injuries, and he was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. While authorities are still investigating the incident, building inspectors are focusing their attention on the condition of the elevator.

Older buildings may be difficult to get up to code during the renovation process. Nevertheless, it is essential that commercial building owners, contractors and repair workers keep systems running safely for all visitors. When someone suffers injuries because of an elevator malfunction, it may require a complex investigation to determine who should bear responsibility for the victim’s pain and suffering.