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Avoiding pedestrian and cyclist accidents in West Virginia

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Summer in West Virginia bursts with life. Lush greenery paints the mountains, wildflowers sprinkle the meadows and sunshine beckons you outdoors. Whether you’re exploring vibrant farmers markets on foot or hitting the scenic trails on your bike, enjoying the season means sharing the road (and sidewalks) with others. And, with increased activity comes a rise in pedestrian and cyclist accidents.

Warmer weather brings more people out. This can create congested roads and busier sidewalks. As a result, the roadways can be more complex for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to navigate. Additionally, longer daylight hours encourage evening strolls and bike rides. These often coincide with times when drivers may be less attentive due to fatigue.

Furthermore, more people are walking, running or riding their bikes during this period for exercise and recreation. This means there’s a higher chance of encountering pedestrians and cyclists on the roads and designated trails.

Safety tips for pedestrians

To help minimize the chances of being involved in a collision when you’re out on foot, you should always use available sidewalks and crosswalks whenever possible. In places where there are no sidewalks, try to make sure you walk facing traffic and as far to the left of the road as possible.

Don’t forget to make yourself visible when you go out for a walk by wearing bright clothing during the day and reflective gear at night. Being mindful and aware of your surroundings can also be helpful when you’re out and about. You can achieve mindfulness by minimizing distractions like cell phones while walking. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact with drivers when crossing streets and intersections.

Safety tips for cyclists

If you’ll be taking your bicycle out for the summer, you can minimize your chances of being hit by a vehicle by following the rules of the road. Additionally, invest in proper equipment to avoid experiencing technical malfunctions when you’re out exploring. Confirm that your bicycle is in tip-top condition with functioning brakes and lights. Don’t forget to invest in a properly fitted helmet.

Summer in West Virginia is a time to cherish the beauty of the outdoors. Following these safety tips and being aware of your surroundings can minimize your chance of being hit by a vehicle. However, should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident despite your best efforts, remember that you can benefit from tailored legal guidance while pursuing justice for yourself.