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Can an attorney help with SSD reconsideration phase?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is a complex process. You have to fill out paperwork and submit it to the Social Security Administration (SSA). In addition to those forms, you will also need to submit medical documentation.

Mistakes and omissions when submitting an application can result in a claim denial. If you did not get SSD benefits when you first applied, you may decide to appeal. The very first step in that process is the reconsideration stage, which is largely internal. Will you need a lawyer for your reconsideration?

How an attorney helps

The first thing you need to understand is that an average of 12.8% of applicants receive benefits during reconsideration. Your chances of success are higher when you have professional support. An attorney can help you understand why the SSA rejected your claim in the first place and will know what steps you need to take to correct the issues that led to your denial.

For example, an attorney can correct mistakes that you made in the paperwork and resubmit the forms so that you don’t have to stress about that step. Your lawyer could also help you determine what additional medical records or other evidence would help your claim.

Lawyers that specialize in SSD applications and appeals can help you connect with the right kind of medical examinations or review your medical records to determine what you need to submit to improve your chances of approval. Even if the reconsideration is not successful, you will already have an attorney familiar with your case, which will help with the next stage in the appeals process, attending a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ).

Trying to go it alone is very likely why the SSA denied your initial claim. More importantly, when you have a debilitating medical condition, too much personal stress could affect your overall health. A lawyer acting on your behalf can give you peace of mind about your claim and protect you from the frustration of handling this process alone.

Having the right help will increase your chance of success during an SSD benefits appeal.