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Rules for cycling in traffic

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

Millions of people hit the roads each year on their bikes, making it a popular way to get around town or get some fresh air and exercise. However, it is important to be mindful of other vehicles on the road when engaging in this activity, especially cars and trucks that can be potentially dangerous to cyclists.

Cyclists have many of the same rights and responsibilities as operators of other vehicles. Here are some of the rules of the road that cyclists should follow while cycling on the road in West Virginia.

Use the bike lane

Cyclists must, with a few exceptions, use a marked bike lane if one is available. Cyclists may ride on the main road if:

  • There is no designated bike lane
  • They are passing another vehicle traveling in the same direction
  • There are hazards in the existing bike lane
  • They are attempting to make a left turn

Aside from these exceptions, using designated bike lanes makes the roadways safer for both cyclists and other motor vehicles.

Operate a lamp at night

In West Virginia, cyclists need to operate a lamp on their bikes when riding in the dark. The light needs to be visible from at least 500 feet away and should be white in color. In addition, cyclists should use a red-colored light on the back of their bikes so that they are visible to traffic coming up behind them.

Whether you are a professional or amateur cyclist, being aware of the rules of the road can help you avoid getting into a collision and sustaining a personal injury.