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Reviewing pedestrian accident injury data

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Personal Injury

In comparison to someone riding in a passenger vehicle, you are especially vulnerable on the road as a pedestrian. If you walk near traffic on your way to work or enjoy going for a jog on or close to the road, you need to understand the risks you face. Every year, many pedestrians suffer serious hardships in their lives as a result of reckless drivers who hit them, such as those using their phone behind the wheel, drunk drivers and so on.

It is important to review data on pedestrian accident injuries in order to understand the scope of this serious problem.

Pedestrian accident statistics and risks

The Centers for Disease Control and Information published data on pedestrian accidents that took place during 2017. Over the course of the year, estimates suggest that 137,000 pedestrians received emergency treatment due to injuries they sustained in traffic accidents. The CDC reports that when vehicles travel at a high rate of speed, this increases the severity of a pedestrian accident injury as well as the likelihood of such an accident occurring.

Moreover, roughly 10% of all pedestrian injuries during 2017 involved victims 65 and over, according to estimates.

The consequences of pedestrian accidents

In addition to serious injuries, some pedestrian accidents claim lives. Even when victims survive an accident, they could lose their ability to work, face significant medical costs, struggle with mental trauma and have difficulty related to rehabilitation and physical pain due to the accident. When irresponsible drivers cause these accidents, they need to answer for the pain and suffering that they have caused.