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Motorcycling is exhilarating but dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With the arrival of summer, the West Virginia roadways call bikers to take their motorcycles out of winter storage. However, motorcycle riders are always at risk of severe injuries or worse. Their chosen mode of transport has no safety devices like seat belts or air bags, and even with helmets and protective clothing, they will always be vulnerable.

Road rash

Bikers are typically thrust from their motorcycles upon the impact of accidents. Road rash is one of the most common motorcycle injuries because riders usually slide across the pavement. The severity of road rash depends on how many layers of skin are damaged. It could be no more than scrapes, but in some cases, all the skin layers are damaged, exposing the fat and muscle layers beneath. Severe muscle damage could even lead to paralysis.

Legs and arms

Leg injuries are expected consequences of motorcycle accidents. Damage could be to the feet, ankles, calves and knees. When it comes to the arms, the instinct to cradle the body to minimize impact puts the hands and arms at risk. Bone fractures and nerve damage could result. Proper medical care is crucial to prevent long-term damage to arms and legs.

Neck and head trauma

Many motorcycle accident victims suffer head and neck trauma. While a helmet prevents penetration wounds, it does not stop the shaking of the brain. Smashing into the inner walls of the skull could cause nerve damage in the body’s most powerful organ. Injuries to the neck and head could have permanent, often devastating consequences.

The civil justice system of West Virginia allows motorcycle accident victims to pursue financial relief. If they can prove that another party’s negligence caused their injuries, medical expenses and other damages, they will have viable personal injury claims.