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Top causes of traffic accidents

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

West Virginia drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents can face both physical and financial consequences. It becomes important to identify the many possible causes for these accidents when determining negligence for accident claim purposes. Drivers who familiarize themselves with the most common accident causes may also become more able to avoid becoming involved with one.

Distracted driving

The many gadgets and mobile devices available to drivers result in a huge increase in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. Lawmakers have responded by making it illegal to interact with some of these devices while driving. Cellphones, food, drinks and other people can cause drivers to take their attention away from the road.

Impaired driving

Driving after drinking or taking drugs is both illegal and dangerous. Drivers must also be aware of the effects that prescription and over-the-counter medications have on their driving.

Medical conditions

Serious accidents can happen when a driver experiences a seizure, heart attack or stroke while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers with chronic vision problems and sleeping disorders may also be more prone to accidents. Drivers cannot change the fact they live with medical conditions but should consider these things before driving.

Human error

Some accidents result from mistakes made by drivers. The worst part of this fact is that each driver can only control their own actions. There is sometimes no defense against a driver who is reckless or lacks regard for traffic regulations.


Heavy rain, dense fog and other weather conditions can be contributing causes of accidents, but these factors will not absolve drivers of responsibility for accident claim purposes. Drivers who take extra precautions when inclement weather conditions exist will enjoy more protection against these conditions.

Maintenance failures

Failure to maintain a vehicle will increase driving dangers. Brake problems, threadless tires and other factors caused by lack of upkeep can all lead to accidents.

Every driver faces some degree of danger each time they leave their home in a car. Motorists who become involved in accidents may become able to secure the compensation they need by speaking with an accident attorney.