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Motor vehicle accident kills woman in her own home

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

When a hit-and-run driver leaves a victim with fatal injuries, police often make the investigation a high priority. The loved ones of the victim frequently appreciate law enforcement’s passion to locate and bring to justice someone who took no steps to render aid to an injured victim.

West Virginia police are currently undertaking such an investigation following an unfortunate motor vehicle accident that took a woman’s life in her own home.

Investigators searching for answers

Accident reconstruction professionals believe the 76-year-old woman was relaxing in her recliner watching television when a three-ton pickup truck plowed through her front door and into her living room. They report seeing no evidence that the driver attempted to turn the vehicle as it left the roadway and crashed into the house.

Investigators say the driver then seems to have struck the frame of the house a second time while making an escape. Investigators believe they know the make and model of the vehicle based on the debris the driver left behind. They also have security footage from a nearby business of a vehicle matching the description. Their hope is that other businesses and residences may have additional surveillance footage they can use to locate the truck and arrest the driver.

Families must deal with the aftermath of an accident

Meanwhile, the grieving West Virginia family must try to pick up the pieces after their loved one died in her own home. Families who lose loved ones in similar senseless motor vehicle accidents often deal with conflicting emotions. Many find it helpful to seek assistance from all available resources, such as counselors and legal professionals.