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Slip and fall injuries may be a property owner’s responsibility

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Personal Injury

Winter is not quite over in the mid-Atlantic states, and West Virginia residents know better than to put away their snow shovels and rock salt just yet. Even with the promise of spring in the air, cold and slick precipitation may still arrive, placing anyone who ventures outside at risk.

Even though the potential for a slip-and-fall accident is high when it is snowy or icy, other circumstances can also create a dangerous situation for anyone on foot. Those who suffer injuries from a fall may have questions about their rights.

Who is liable?

A property owner may be liable for any injuries someone suffers if the owner knew or should have known there was a risk of falling. This may include a wet or slick floor, torn carpeting, debris left in a hallway or aisle, or a dimly-lit stairway. If the property owner acted negligently by doing nothing to correct this situation, he or she may be financially responsible for any injuries someone suffers if the conditions lead to a fall.

These circumstances are not limited to commercial buildings such as stores or offices. A residential property owner also owes visitors the right to safety when they are legitimately on the property. This may include a landlord who fails to repair a condition over which he or she has control.

Premises liability law is intricate and contains many exceptions and caveats. However, if someone has suffered injuries in a slip and fall, it is important for the victim to learn as much as possible about how the laws apply to his or her situation. Slip and fall injuries can lead to lifelong complications, and financial compensation may be critical to obtaining quality care for one’s injuries.